Tenca Cup for Men

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Have you ever experienced a sensation such powerful and intimate as being deep-throated by your lover? Having nowhere else to go further, reaching the absolute limit of what you can offer, getting you so close to the peak of pleasure that all you can do is let go and release yourself into the abyss of ecstasy? Even if you have, and want to try it again, or if you were not lucky enough to attain such a thing, but really want to try it, then we have the perfect solution for you, a substitute for the real deal, the Tenca Cup White. 

You can relax and enjoy yourself while using this gift from heaven, content with the knowledge that it can fit almost all sizes due to its 16.2 cm length and 5.6 cm width, while also taking care of your penis with the medical-grade silicon material compound. You can easily adjust how powerful the sucking sensation provided using just your fingers to cover the hole at the end of the toy. Combine this with the sound it generates, a slurping sound only given off by the dirtiest of lovers, this atomic pocket friend will send you to the moon and back like no other toy can. Coming in a white colour, it will make you even more aroused at the thought of entering a pristine and untouched garden of desire. 

Power it up with a stimulating lotion to get you in the mood and more sensitive to the feelings generated by our wonderful Tenca Cup White and you will be guaranteed an experience that you wish to repeat over and over again

Product dimension: 15.5cm (Length) x 6.1 cm (Diameter)

Note: Tenca Cup have Oral and vaginal shape it will go random

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