Spanking Paddle Sexy Spanking Slapper

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Product description

It's easy to take with you on the go and convenient enough to keep around whenever the mood strikes.

However, it also gets the job done with a nice ""Whack"" sound when it comes to keeping your lover in line.

This is a great novelty for beginners and gives you the chance to try things out without going to the
extreme or spending a fortune right away.

If you're just getting your role play wings, this might be a great place to begin.

Sex & Mischief is all about your fun and pleasure, and they know what it takes to make the best toys for less.

Use this crop to keep your lover in line or use it as a prop in role play situations, no matter what the mood might be.

It's affordable and brings a lot of fun to the table when you're just getting started or looking for something smaller.

* The actual color may vary slightly from the online images.

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