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The Red Butt Plug – Small is an incredible anal toy that will help women and men experience the wild and exciting sensation of anal play with ease. This is the perfect toy for people who are new to the exciting world of anal sex. It is created using phthalate free and latex-free rubbery material and can be used with lubricants for the ultimate sensual experience.
This anal toy is amazingly versatile and can be used for masturbation, foreplay or while making love. It can be used for an erotic lovemaking session or as a diva’s little secret for exciting anal play. The petite and comfortable design of the product ensures beginners start their anal adventure in the ideal manner. The sensual tickle of stimulation can enhance your sexual pleasure beyond your wildest imaginations. A little bit of tushy teasing is the easiest way to take your sex life to the next level. The most amazing feature of this small-sized tushy teaser is that it can be worn by both the partners, turn by turn, for the ultimate orgasm. It is also super easy to use the toy so you are always in complete control of the proceedings.
The petite design lines of the Red Butt Plug – Small will help you stimulate and penetrate the anus in the most pleasurable way imaginable. This beginner sex toy lets you experience the exciting world of anal play in a safe and comfortable manner. It was created using top quality sensual rubber that provides supreme flexibility and enhanced pleasure. 

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