Playboy Lube- Strawberry

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This is your chance to own a unique lubricant with a stunning strawberry fragrance that helps you eliminate vaginal dryness. The Playboy Lube – Strawberry will bring back sweet memories wherever and whenever you use it. It comes in a compact 50 ml bottle which is fairly easy to use.

If you wish to enhance your pleasure and the pleasure of your boyfriend or girlfriend, this lubricant is everything you could ever wish for. It is affordable and designed in a way that will make your lovemaking sessions last longer and be more enjoyable for both partners. The lubricant is water based so you don’t have to worry about all the problems you can encounter with other lubricants. It is also lightly scented, which makes it even more exciting. It is made from high-quality ingredients which keep the user in mind and make their safety paramount. If you have always wanted to try making love with a lubricant, this one is a great choice, and if you have already used lubricants, you will be pleasantly surprised with the benefits this one provides. The strawberry flavoured lubricant will definitely make your naughty times even sexier and more enjoyable. It will help you drive your significant another wild with pleasure!

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