Hip And Vagina Masturbator With Rose Tattoo

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Rose Tattoo Pattern Realistic Skin Hip Cup Firm Vaginal and Ass Masturbator Male Sex Toy


.Made of revolutionary lifelike material that mimics the feel of real flesh
.Dual density design gives realistic firmness in strategic spots
.Simulated texture and integrated structure of the vagina, people feel more like a real young women
.Hands free operation can be placed on any flat surface and entered in either hole
.There are three hole: Ass, Vagina and Clean out hole
.Have a strong G-spot stimulation


. Send to United States via EMS
.Color: Fleshcolor(As shown in the picture)
.Material: Silicone
.Waist: 125mm
.Hipline: 240mm
.Width between legs: 280mm
.Weight: 2140g

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