Fleshlight Golden STU MASTURBATOR

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The Fleshlight Golden STU or Pink Lady Unit is a brilliant stroker for those in India who are looking to increase their stamina without the concern of performance anxiety or pressure. Thanks to the complex texture to simulate the feel of intercourse, this Fleshlight is well known for its outstanding design, allowing it to be used nearly anywhere you could imagine. The hard casing is designed to look like a flashlight and it covers a realistic skin like insert designed with four spiraled chambers that will more than please. The stroker can be placed between cushions, mattresses, pillows and anywhere else you could consider a good idea. The insert can be taken out and cleaned and put right back into the hard flashlight shaped casing. Suction inside can be varied thanks to a simple twist of the end cap. With a little warm water or some of your favorite lubricant you can create a life like feel that will definitely amaze you.

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