Beginners Open Mouth Gag

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The Beginners Open Mouth Gag is just the right item you need to accentuate the submissive capacities of your partner. With this product, your partner will yield completely in blissful surrender, listening with acute attention for any and every instruction you give while this amazing mouth gag keeps them, mum, completely. Quite interestingly, this product is designed to be convenient for your submissive partner. 

This carefully, the handmade gag is fitted with adjustable straps that can be manipulated to any desired circumference and spots a ring made of rubber so as to avail your playmate with avenues for easier breath control much more than most mouth gags. The thoughtful design of this bedtime item makes it a ready option for first time BDSM players and beginners, as it poses no real difficulty in use or practice. The straps studded on this belt-like mouth gag are 100% Faux Leather with a width of 3.81 cm, Faux Leather is smooth and nice on the skin and as such may be worn without worry of irritation. This product is the entire beginner package. Grand Design? Check, Deluxe Comfort? Check, Striking attractive outlook? Double check! It is without a doubt, the ideal starter piece for your BDSM sessions! 

Decide your roles naturally, enjoy your fun session. There really are no rules, you and your partner are in the reins to decide where, when and which one of you dons the Beginners Open Mouth Gag so give it a go! Feel free to clean lightly after use, nothing major. Don’t delay the pleasure, order yours here now!

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