Bathmate Hydromax X30 Male Enhancement Penis Enlargement Pump

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This water-based penis pump naturally improves blood flow to your manhood. It provides a stronger, powerful suction, with far more superior results compared to traditional penis pumps.

Use this pump to solve your problems with small penis size, erectile dysfunction, and mild penile curvature!

Key features

  • Generates extra-strong vacuum using water for fast results
  • Water-based pumps prove more efficient
  • Clear cylinder with size measurements so you see your growth progress
  • Measures 10 inches long and 2.25 inches wide
  • Water squirts at the end with every thrust, which increases the suction more
  • Contoured base to fit for a tight seal
  • The valve on the tip for quick easy release
  • The pump made from a plastic cylinder, with a flexible rubber base
  • Hydro pumps feel healthier than air-based pumps
  • Tight seal contour base
  • Sturdy clear cylinder
  • Easy, simple, and straight-forward use
  • Water pumps are the healthier alternative

Product Description

Most traditional penis pumps depend on air, but as it turns out, waterworks best for a solid erection! Warm water naturally increases blood flow. This brings a more efficient workout and it acts as a cushion, preventing bruises or penis injuries. Unlike air-based pumps, water pumps promote natural growth evenly in your shaft. This includes penis growth – both for length and girth.

Using the Bathmate HydroMax Pump is straightforward with simple directions. However, it can get messy, so you should do your workout while in the bath or shower. Simply fill the pump with water, then press against your manhood and just start pumping.

As you pull the penis pump toward you, water squirts out at the end. This creates a vacuum that pulls blood into your shaft, thus boosting your size. By using water rather than air, the pump generates stronger suction than standard pumps.

Hydromax X-Series Size Guide

This product has three sizes. To get the most of this water penis pump, make sure to get the correct product model, corresponding to your penis size.

Take note: Max. growth is the maximum length that your penis will reach. While max. girth is the maximum circumference that the pump will fit.

  • Hydromax X20 (Get this if your erect penis measures from 4.9″ below) — 7.5 inches (max. growth) + 1.8 inches (max. girth)
  • Hyrdomax X30 (Get this if your erect penis measures from 5″ to 7″) — 8.5 inches (max. growth) + 2.0 inches (max. girth)
  • Hydromax X40 (Get this if your erect penis measures from 7.1″ to 9.1″) — 10.0 inches (max. growth) + 2.2 inches (max. girth)

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